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Certified Employee Information


Each certificated employee is personally responsible for maintaining and renewing his/her teaching certificate and endorsements (Board Policy 440).  Idaho teaching credentials must be renewed every five (5) years to remain valid.  A valid certificate must be on file with the Human Resources Department each year by September 1st.  

MTI/TMT Requirement:

In 2007, the Idaho State Department of Education formed a joint task force committee to determine the needs and make recommendations regarding a statewide mathematics initiative.  Based on the committee's recommendation, the Idaho state legislature and State Board of Education passed rule requiring all K-12 mathematics educators and administrators in Idaho take a three-credit professional development course titled Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI).  The current approved alternate for the MTI course is the Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT) course.

Idaho Professional Endorsement:

Upon holding a certificate for three (3) years, any instructional staff or pupil services staff may apply for an Idaho professional endorsement.  To be eligible, the instructional staff or pupil service staff must:
a.  Have held a certificate for at least three (3) years, or have completed a state board of education approved interim certificate of three (3) years or longer;
b.  Show they met the professional compensation rung performance criteria for two (2) of the three previous years or the third year;
c.  Have a written recommendation from the employing school district; and
d.  Have an annual individualized professional learning plan developed in conjunction with the employee's school district supervisor.

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