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Parent and Family Engagement

Be the Parents
Be the Parents is a campaign of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy (ODP) that works to prevent and reduce underage drinking in Idaho. Their purpose is to help Idaho parents understand the risks of underage drinking and how to prevent it, and where to go for help if they need it.
Eat Together Idaho is an initiative brought to you by Be the Parents that encourages families to eat regular meals together to prevent underage drinking and youth substance use. Studies show that eating together as a family is one of the best ways to build and maintain strong relationships with your kids. Frequent family meals are linked to lower rates of substance use and stress, and increased self-esteem and academic performance, among adolescents. 
Click HERE to view the Eat Together Idaho family meal guide that contains recipes, challenges, conversation starters, family activities, fun food facts, Idaho trivia, and more.
National Parent Teacher Alliance Parent Toolkit Resources
National Parent Teacher Alliance Parent Toolkit Resources
Resources for parents with children at any level of their K-12 education are available at National Parent Teacher Alliance (PTA). Parents can access a variety of resources to support their students:
Community Schools and Family Engagement Coordinator 
Paul Webster