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Drivers Education


E-Mails have been sent to all Jefferson Middle School Summer Session students and parents.  Several emails were returned undeliverable.  If you did not receive 2 emails and you are scheduled for the Jefferson Middle School site - please contact Mrs. Howard or Mr. Cooper
Summer Registration is FULL!!!
as of 05/02/2018
NO spots remaining in Caldwell - Jefferson Middle School
No spots remaining in Marsing
NO spots remaining in TJCS
Students can be placed on a waiting list and will be accepted on a first come basis.  All registrations are documented with date and time received.  You will be contacted if you are moved from the waiting list to the class.


The mandatory parent/student meetings have now ended and we will not be holding anymore meetings.  Anyone not attending a meeting will need to schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Howard or Mr. Cooper to complete paperwork.




Caldwell School District Students may have the opportunity to take our drivers ed course with their 
Advanced Opportunity Funds!!!!
Any student meeting qualifications may use their Fast Forward Funds for Drivers Ed!!
Advanced Opportunity/Fast Forward funds are available to ALL students in the State of Idaho.  Students must be carrying a full schedule and must have passed all previous classes using these funds.  To find out if you qualify for these funds - see your counselor!!
Out of District students MAY qualify for these funds.  The students' school must offer credit for our class and upon completion of the class, the school may reimburse the students.  You will be required to pay our fee to us.  This is strictly between the school and the student.  If interested, please speak with your school counselor/fast forward funds coordinator.  If they have questions, please have them contact Mrs. Howard at 208-880-9695.  
Registration will open on March 1st. 
 Step 1:  See counselor and check qualification for using your Fast Forward Funding.
Step 2:  Go to registrar (Mrs. Spath) and obtain VOC - required to get permit.
Step 3:  Review items needed to take to DMV - see permit information page.  Obtain permit.  Fast Forward Funding does not cover the cost of the permit - $21.50.
Step 4:  Registration for the summer class opens on March 1st.  First come, First served - sign up online.  Permit number is required for online registration.  
If student does not qualify for fast forward funding - they may still register.  The cost will continue to be $185.00  This will be collected at our student/parent meeting.  A payment plan will be available.  $100 down payment at time of student/parent meeting, remainder due on May 29th.  
Step 5:  Student/Parent Meeting is required!  
                    Caldwell Site Meeting:  April 24th
                    Marsing Site Meeting:  April 25th
                    Thomas Jefferson Charter Site Meeting:  May 1st
                    Final Meeting for late registrants/Any Site:  May 8th
Marsing/Caldwell Site - Class will start on Tuesday, May 29th and end on June 28th.  
Thomas Jefferson Charter Site - Vallivue is still in school during the week of May 29th.  This site will have a different                                                                  schedule including 2 evening classes during this first week.  All Vallivue and surrounding                                                          schools are required to sign up for this site.
Summer School - Any Caldwell students enrolled in summer school MUST sign up for the 7:00 a.m. class.
Class Attendance Policy:  There are only 20 scheduled class dates!  Only two absences will be allowed during the course of drivers training and those absences must be made up.  Idaho State Department of Drivers Education requires 30 classroom hours.  The make up time is to be arranged with the classroom teacher and will cost the student an additional fee.  This make up fee does NOT come from fast forward funds.  Students/Parents are responsible for make up fees!  $30 for the first missed class, $45 for the second missed class.  Students missing more than two classes will be dropped.  
Fast Forward Fund Availability will be verified by the district coordinator the week prior to class starting.  Any student not qualifying will be contacted.  The student will be responsible for payment or will be dropped.  A grade of 80% or higher is required to pass this course.  Any grade lower than 80%, or being dropped due to attendance will place a freeze on the students' fast forward funding account until the class is retaken and passed.  Retaking the class will result in paying the current fees at the time of the next session.  
**To view the Drivers Ed Calendar - use the "Calendar" tab on the right in the blue box above "Online Registration".  The other calendar tab across the top is the district calendar and does not have our dates on it.**

 During the year, if we have driving instructors available, we may allow a student to sign up for an IDLA class.  Please check with Mrs. Howard or Mr. Cooper for availability.

**There are several online courses that can be found on the internet.  Our driving instructors will ONLY drive with students registered for IDLA - the only Idaho State Department of Education Driver Education approved online course.


If you have any further questions, please call/text 

Bill Cooper  371-8196


Pam Howard  880-9695

or email:


Also, for current updates - follow us on Facebook.   Search for:  Caldwell School District Drivers Education