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Human Resources » Classified Sick Leave Bank

Classified Sick Leave Bank

Open enrollment for classified employees will run through October 30, 2017. An application form must be filled out and sent directly to April Burton at the District Office no later than the deadline date October 30, 2017.


Intent of the Sick Leave Bank

The purpose of the Classified Sick Leave Bank is to help alleviate hardship caused by absence from work necessitated by catastrophic illness, life threatening accident, mental illness requiring hospitalization, or a life threatening condition (excluding natural processes, pregnancy, elective surgery, and chronic conditions of a non life threatening nature and job related accidents covered under Workmen’s Compensation). The bank is not intended to cover short-term disabilities or injuries.


Who may join the Sick Leave Bank?

Any full time classified employee may participate in the CSLB after they have been employed continuously for one year, and have the accumulated number of sick days for donation. Each new member will be required to donate two (2) days of their accumulated sick leave to the CSLB.


Can I get my donated days back if I don’t use them?

No. The Sick Leave Bank days you donate will remain in this district.


When can I enroll?

The open enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year will close on Friday, 10/30/15


If I belonged last year, do I need to re-join?

No, once you join you are a member for as long as you are employed by this school district.


When can I apply for a grant?

To apply for a grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a member of the Classified Sick Leave Bank
  2. Have used all sick leave and personal leave prior to a grant from the CSLB.

How many days can I be granted from the Sick Leave Bank?

Members may be granted up to 30 days or 6 weeks absence over a five-year period.


Procedure for Request

Classified employees requesting grants from the CSLB need to submit requests to the CSLB Committee Chairman and include the following information with their request:

  1. Reason for the request (i.e. illness, accident, etc.)
  2. Beginning date of absence
  3. Date returning to work
  4. Number of days/hours requested
  5. Letter from the doctor stating dates excused and date you will be released to return to work.
  6. In the case of unusual circumstances, the doctor’s letter should state complications that may affect the size of the grant from the CSLB.


Elective Surgery

Elective surgery should be postponed until school is not in session and will be treated as a non life-threatening situation.




A member of the CSLB may request days from the bank when they have used all of their sick leave days and must miss work due to the extended illness, accident, or chronic condition of a family member. (A family member includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, son/daughter-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, father/mother-in-law, grandparents, and grandchildren.) The request must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter as to the condition of the family member. A maximum of 7 days, out of the 30 possible days for which can be given every five years, may be used for the condition of a family member.






No staff may donate sick leave days to the sick leave bank to which they can not belong; (i.e., classified cannot donate to certified, certified cannot donate to classified, etc.)



A classified member of the bank, or a classified staff non-member, is highly encouraged to donate any remaining sick leave days to the CSLB upon leaving the district at anytime during the school year, or upon retirement. This not only helps the bank to remain solvent but also contributes to the number of days available for another member in time of need. Donations of sick leave days, however, cannot be made directly to any individual within the district. Donations (outside of the annual membership drive) from a non-member are a donation only and do not make the person a member of the bank. A Donation Form is available upon request and must be submitted to the CSLB Committee Chairman.





Who is the CSLB Committee?

The CSLB Committee is composed of three classified employees and one administrator.


The committee members are:

  • Lisa Fivecoat, Washington Elementary School 455-3317
  • Marci Kielman, District Office 455-3300
  • Lisa Thompson, District Office @ 455-3300


Function of the CSLB Committee


The CSLB Committee manages the bank:

  1. Establishes the number of days necessary to create the bank. They also reserve the right to assess the bank members additional days, if necessary.
  2. They establish the guidelines to operate the bank and determine the number of days to be contributed by each member. The committee also makes the decision as to the disposition of each grant application.

It should be emphasized that the function of the CSLB Committee is threefold:

  1. to determine that persons requesting sick leave days have complied with the provisions of the CSLB policy,
  2. that the provisions of the CSLB are applied consistently, and
  3. that the number of days in the CSLB remains at a level commensurate with the projected needs of the classified staff members.


Assessment of additional days

When it is necessary to assess additional days from the CSLB members to keep the bank solvent, new members enrolling that school year are exempt from adding additional days to the BANK.


The CSLB Committee realizes that you may have many questions about the Sick Leave Bank. We have attempted here to answer the questions we feel you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact a sick leave bank committee member if you have any further questions.