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Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers are an integral part of the educational process in Caldwell School District. It is critical that students have an effective teacher every day. When the regular teacher is absent, substitute teachers play a significant role in maintaining a stable classroom. Substitute teaching can be a rewarding job, and often assists aspiring teachers in gaining the experience needed to lead their own classroom. It also provides a flexible job where you determine the days you will work.
COVID BONUS - During the times when Caldwell School District is in remote or blended learning (red or yellow in our reopening plan), we provide our substitutes $15 a day in addition to the daily rates shown below:

Substitute Teacher Pay Rates
  • Substitute Teacher (Long-term assignment i.e. filling for a teacher on maternity leave) $105
  • Substitute Teacher w/STEDI SubDiploma:  $95 per day
  • Substitute Teacher w/certification: $95 per day
  • Substitute Teacher w/degree: $85  per day
  • Substitute Teacher: $62.30 per day
(Long-term substitutes will be paid the regular daily rate for the first ten consecutive days.  The long-term rate begins on the 11th consecutive day.)
Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional Pay Rates
  • Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional with Caldwell Special Education (Mandt) Training - $80 per day
  • Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional - $62.30 per day
  • Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional - $62.30 per day
Frontline logoFrontline for Current CSD Substitutes – Shop for open substitute positions.
SubSkills Basic Training Course.  Must pass with 85% to earn SubDiploma.  Substitutes with SubDiploma will earn $95 per day.
2. Choose the SubSkills option of your choice, and Add to Cart.
3. Proceed to Checkout.
Please contact with any questions or issues regarding the course or registration.