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Program Description

Grades K-2

Students are formally identified for ALP at the end of their 2nd grade year. Highly capable students in grades K-2 are served through classroom opportunities and differentiated instruction provided by the classroom teacher. Consultation with the ALP Coordinator is provided to support teacher efforts at differentiating instruction for highly capable ALP learners. Curriculum adaptation is also considered, as well as compacting curriculum, clustering students of like academic ability, and other best practices. Exceptional highly capable advanced learners are viewed on individual need-based criteria and needs are met accordingly.

Grades 3-5

Formally identified ALP students in grades 3-5 are invited to join the Advanced Learning Program (ALP), currently housed at Wilson Elementary. Students ride their normal buses near home, travel to their home school as they normally would, and then board a second bus which takes them to Wilson Elementary School. Students can also be dropped off by parents at Wilson after 8:15 A.M. They are then bused back to their home schools to ride their bus, walk home, or be picked up as they normally would from their home school.

The purpose of the Advanced Learning Program is to accelerate the instruction of math and reading for students who would benefit from a faster rate of learning than is offered in the regular classroom. Students are provided advanced curriculum opportunities daily in all subjects.

The intent is not to double the students’ workload but to introduce depth and rigor in areas such as reading, math, science, problem solving, and critical thinking. Teachers who are teaching ALP classes either have an endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education or are working towards an endorsement and are committed to providing the best academic and social environment possible for gifted students.

ALP students who decline services in the ALP program and opt out are served in the general education classroom through differentiated instruction and classroom opportunities provided by the classroom teacher.

Grades 6-8

Students who qualified for ALP classes in grades 3-5 are invited to attend the 6th grade ALP classes in all subjects at the middle schools. New candidates to the program are evaluated on advanced status on formal testing in language arts or reading on STAR and ISAT 2.0 testing and a referral from the general education teacher.

7th and 8th grade gifted and talented students are invited to join Honors Classes provided in varying subject areas.


Secondary students excelling in content area courses that have advanced placement opportunities may be enrolled in AP classes or classes that offer concurrent college credits.

Other opportunities available may include, but are not limited to, college release/dual enrollment classes; visual and fine arts opportunities, theater and musical productions and competitions, second language classes, Madrigals, student government, service projects, and mentorships.

If you have specific questions, please contact the special education director or your child's school.