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Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)


The Accelerated Learning Program or (ALP) extends the mission and vision of the Caldwell School District by providing services to students who possess exceptional academic and/or intellectual ability. Students are given opportunities to grow at a pace they need to be prepared for at a faster pace in middle school, high school, and beyond.  The ALP Program seeks to identify students from varied ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds who demonstrate exceptional ability in the areas of academic ability, intellectual ability, leadership, and creativity with problem solving.  The program also strives to recognize students with academic abilities and skills that are significantly advanced in relationship to students of similar age, experience or environment.  Services for these students are provided through 6 highly effective elementary schools who provide full and equitable access and opportunities.


Caldwell School District recognizes that students with these abilities may require differentiated instruction and varied educational experiences. Administrators, teachers, and staff all work together with parents and our community to ensure that the educational needs of exceptional students are met.  It is our goal to provide the setting and environment that stimulate and inspire these students to reach their full potential.


If you have questions or would like more information please contact Gena Chaney, the Accelerated Learning Program coordinator for the Caldwell School District or Julie Mead, Chief Officer of Special Services.


Accelerated Learning Program Coordinator: Gena Chaney  [email protected]

Chief Officer of Special Services: Julie Mead  [email protected].

Consideration and testing for the Accelerated Learning Program, please go to this link and answer a few questions about the 1st-5th grade student and reasons for referral.