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Special Education » Special Education Frequently Asked Questions

Special Education Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We just moved to the Caldwell District and my child is on an IEP (Individual Education Program), what do I do first?
A. Take your child's current IEP and Eligibility to the Special Education Department at the Caldwell School District Office, 1502 Fillmore St, Caldwell. The special education staff will review the IEP and eligibility information to determine where your child will attend and whether an IEP team meeting should be held first or the child just begins school.
Q. I do not have my child’s IEP or eligibility from the previous district/state. Can I still register my child?
A. Yes. Please tell the school you would normally register in, that your child is on an IEP and provide the contact information for the previous school. The school secretary or special education staff will be able to contact the previously attended school and ask for copies of the IEP and eligibility. Depending on your child’s needs and the current IEP:
  • an IEP team meeting may need to be held,
  • a new IEP may need to be written,
  • your child may begin school immediately,
  • the program your child needs may be in a different school or place (in which case the district will provide busing), or
  •  the school may need some time to prepare appropriate services for your child.
Q. What special education services does the Caldwell District offer?
A. The Caldwell School District offers an array of special education services that range from separate classrooms to full inclusion in general education classes. The child’s needs and optimum learning environment are determined by the IEP team and documented on the IEP. Depending on your child’s needs the program that would best serve him/her may be in a different school than the neighborhood school. In this case the district will provide bus transportation to whichever program or school the IEP team determines to best fit your child’s needs.
Q. My child has a diagnosis that the doctor told me would qualify my child for special education services. What do I do?
A. Write a letter to the special education teacher and principal at the school your child attends. In the letter state why the doctor recommends what he/she has told you. It will be of great help to the school if you have a written report from the doctor. The school will take your letter and any information they can obtain from the doctor under consideration. Doctors cannot prescribe special education just as the school cannot prescribe medication but we do want to have all of the information so as to make the best educational decision possible for your child. You should receive in writing the school's decision.
Q. My child is in a private school or home schooled, can she/he receive special education services in the public school?
A. An agreement is established at the beginning of the school year with private schools in our district to provide speech/language services to children who qualify. Other services are possible through Dual Enrollment and/or a Service Plan if the child qualifies for special education under federal guidelines. Please contact the special education director at the Caldwell School District Office, 455-3300, for more information.
Chief Officer of Special Services: Julie Mead - [email protected]
Administrative Assistant: Sylvia Garcia - [email protected]