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Caldwell High School Cause Week

Dress up days:

  • Monday wear Grey for Parkinson’s awareness
  • Tuesday wear Blue & Gold for Down Syndrome awareness
  • Wednesday wear Purple for Alzheimer's awareness
  • Thursday wear Teal for PTSD awareness
  • Friday wear Pink for Cancer Awareness

During the week there will also be the annual Penny Wars Competition.


Here are the rules:

The classes (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen) are going to be battling it out to see who can raise the most money for this year's causes. There will be a filling cabinet placed in the lunchroom for students to put their coins in (each drawer is labeled with their class). Pennies add points and silver coins and dollar bills subtract points. 


Friday will be the Cause Week Assembly.


During the assembly teachers will be doing crazy activities, students will be donating their hair to various organizations, and we will be presenting checks to our causes.