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Technology Integration for Caldwell Instructional Staff » Digital Backpack for Teachers

Digital Backpack for Teachers

G Suite for Educators Apps
Digital Field-trips and Simulations (Great for all content areas and grade levels!)
Useful Educational Technology
Text Based Resources
  • Newslea - content from trusted news websites, adjusted to the reading level of your student
  • CK-12 - library of free online textbooks, videos, flashcards, exercises, and real world applications across a wide variety of content areas
  • InsertLearning - easily scaffold text by adding questions and interactive media resources to any webpage
  • Actively Learn - high quality texts with scaffolds and higher order questions for social studies, science, and ELA
Interactive Resources
  • NearPod - interactive instructional platform that can be self-paced or teacher-directed
  • PearDeck - interactive add-on for Google Slides to increase student engagement
  • Kami - transforms existing documents and PDFs into interactive learning experiences, allows for annotation and collaboration
  • HyperDocs - build self-contained lesson plans with differentiated resources for instruction
  • Prezi - generate interactive and engaging presentations 
  • Padlet - a digital bulletin board that students and teachers can share images, links, and text on, provide feedback through comments
  • Bookwidgets - transform paper tests to interactive quizzes, worksheets, and games
Audio & Visual Resources
  • EdPuzzle - create interactive lessons that can be integrated into Google Classroom, embed questions in YouTube videos and more
  • StoryBoard That - create story boards and comic strips, set the foundation for making videos as well
  • BookCreator - create digital books
  • Flipgrid - empower student voices by recording and sharing short videos
  • Loom Pro - video recording software 
  • DuoLingo - students learn languages while playing educational games
  • Adobe Spark - create impactful social graphics, webpages, and short videos
  • Canva - design, share, and print logos, presentations, and infographics
  • Piktochart - design, share, and print logos, presentations, and infographics
  • Biteable - create videos and animated video shorts using templates and quickly publish as mp4s
English & Writing Resources
  • ReadWriteThink - high quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction
  • WriQ - writing achievement tool 
  • Noredink - targeted exercises to help students practice and master writing and grammar skills
  • TurnItIn - promotes academic integrity, streamlines grading writing assignments, and deters plagiarism 
  • WordClouds - word cloud generator from text sources
Math & Science Resources
  • Khan Academy - free online lessons on a wide variety of content area topics, includes quizzes and review of materials
  • Legends of Learning - gamification of math and science topics for grades 3-8
  • Desmos Math - free suite of math software tools and digital classroom activities
  • PhET Simulations - free simulations and interactives for a wide range of science topics
  • Learning Blade - self paced missions for students focused on real-world STEM careers and problems (licences through the Idaho STEM Action Center)
  • Mathigon - a virtual space for students to write and draw shapes and numbers, useful for fractions, geometry, algebra, probability, and more!
Quizzing Resources
  • Quizlet - flashcards and live quizzing in a variety of content areas for student study and review of material
  • Kahoot - game based learning platform that engages students in learning and reviewing material
Portfolio & Collaboration Resources
  • Seesaw - create digital portfolios of student work and share them with parents
  • ClassDojo - build classroom communities and communicate easily with families