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Student Dress Policy

Student Dress Policy:
Below is the Student Dress Policy approved by the Trustees at the Special Meeting on Monday, July 30th. We would like to thank all of our patrons for your input and perspective in helping shape this policy revision.
Poliza de Vestimiento Estudiantil:
A continuación se muestra la políza de vestimenta estudiantil aprobada por los Guardianes de la Mesa Directiva en la junta especial el lunes, 30 de julio. Nos gustaría agradecer a todos por sus ideas y perspectiva en ayudar a formar esta revision de la poliza.

Q & A

Q: Is this for all the grades? Do elementary students need to wear polos or not?

A: The Student Dress Policy is for all students attending school in the Caldwell School District. This includes our elementary, middle, and high school students. Elementary students may choose to wear a polo, but they may also choose to wear a shirt that does not have a collar and is not a polo as long as it is within the Student Dress Policy expectations.


Q: May my daughter who is in elementary school wear a Hello Kitty t-shirt?

A: Students may wear a t-shirt to school as long as the shirt is within the Student Dress Policy Expectations. Wearing a Hello Kitty design is within the dress policy.


Q: Did the Trustees’ approve the new Student Dress Policy?

A: Yes, the Trustees’ approved the new policy on July 30, 2018, at a Special Meeting.
Q: Are red and navy shirts now allowed?
A: Red or navy shirts are allowed unless student behavior indicates that the student (or students) is (are) affiliating with a gang and the student(s) is (are) choosing to wear red or navy clothing to demonstrate their affiliation.
Q: Are dresses allowed?
A: Dresses can be worn as long as they are within the expectations set forth in the policy. No undergarments can show, chest, back and midriff must be covered and dresses cannot be shorter than three inches above the knee.
Q: Are athletic shorts allowed?
A: Athletic shorts can be worn if they are within the expectations set forth in the policy. Shorts must fit properly. They cannot be shorter than three inches above the knee. 
Q: Are students allowed to wear collegiate shirts any day of the week?
A: Yes
Q: Students have no restriction of wearing same color on color shirt and pants? 
A: Correct
Q: Students no longer have to wear a collared shirt?
A: Correct.