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Calendar updates due to snow day closures

This winter has been historic in the fact that Caldwell School District #132 has declared a total of seven (7) school closure days during the months of December and January.
The District Administrative Team had the opportunity to meet with the Caldwell Education Association (CEA) Leadership Team to discuss the necessity of recovering lost instructional time due to the school closures. After our initial meeting, the CEA conducted a survey of their membership to receive feedback from teachers. Teachers requested that the District focus on identifying days when student learning would be positively impacted. As a District Leadership Team, we believed it was also important to identify days that would not adversely affect student attendance.

With this information, the following recommendation to adjust the instructional calendar is as follows:

*March 1 –Caldwell High School previously scheduled as “Late Start” will now be regular school hours

March 15 – Regular school hours

March 16 – End of Third Quarter/regular school hours

March 17 – Professional Development Day

April 19 – Regular school hours

April 28 – Regular school hours

*Effects Caldwell High School only. All other schools were already scheduled for regular school hours.

As Superintendent, I would ask the Caldwell School District #132 Board of Trustees to accept this recommendation to adjust our school calendar as noted by the listed dates. This will ensure our students meet the minutes of instructional time required by the Idaho State Board of Education.
Estimados empleados de Caldwell,

En enero tuvimos varios días de escuela canceladas por la nieve, que era inesperada. Como resultado hubo pláticas de la pérdida del tiempo instructivo, causando que la mesa directiva apruebe los siguientes cambios del calendario instructivo:

1 de marzo - CHS solamente - horas regulares de escuela (no será un comienzo tardío)

15 de marzo - horario escolar regular

16 de marzo - horario escolar regular / último día del tercer trimestre

17 de marzo - día de desarrollo profesional / calificación CWA

19 de abril - horario regular de la escuela (sin salida temprana)

28 de abril - horas regulares de la escuela (no será un día libre)

Apreciamos la información y sugerencias que recibimos de los estudiantes, el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y el logro estudiantil.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, favor de comunicarse conmigo.


Dr. N. Shalene French
Caldwell School District #132