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Collaborative Activities for Your Digital Classroom

A common concern that I have heard from teachers during our remote and hybrid learning plans is that students are not being given opportunities to collaborate with each other and in our classrooms this year.  I would assert that digital learning apps like those found in our Google platform, actually increase the innovative and dynamic ways in which our students can develop their collaborative and communication skills.  Matt Miller from Ditch That Textbook has 30 different ideas for bringing students into a collaborative space using Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, Forms, Sites, Meet, and even our Google Classrooms.  Are you interested in trying out an "add and pass" activity?  How about a virtual gallery walk of student projects?  You can set up a FAQ section for student reference or even develop some shared notetaking work.  Collaboration can be limited to the students in our buildings or expanded to include students in other states and countries as well as guest teachers from a variety of expert arenas.  Revolutionize your collaborative classroom by testing out one of these great ideas!
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