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Virtual Valentines -- A Global Project

My friend Dyane Smokorowski, who works as a digital integration coach in Kansas, is offering a great opportunity for our students to be a part of a global world this Valentine's Day.  This year, fellowship, digital friendships, and compassion might just be more important that ever!  Consider registering for this project with your students this winter.  It's easy, it's FREE, and it's for kids in grades K through 12!
Calling all educators far and wide!
Our 8th Annual Virtual Valentine's Project is live and ready for registrations. It's a simple collaborative project where your students create digital valentines for another class, conduct research on their partner classroom's community, and then ultimately meet their partner class through a virtual call.
It's a great way to explore some new digital creativity tools and open your classroom to others. Plus, because this is a digital project, it's perfect for face-to-face, hybrid, or completely remote classrooms.
Come join us!
~Mrs. Smoke Source: Dyane Smokorowski
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