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Strategic Plan

With this document, the Caldwell School District sets its course to create the future for our students and our schools. We believe that this plan affirms our commitment to two pursuits – to equip students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue their adult roles in the 21st century and to guide our students to be good neighbors in our community.
The Board of Trustees commissioned a District Leadership Team of multiple stakeholders from our community and our schools to design and recommend a strategic plan. Over the course of several months, this team provided insight, perspective, and feedback through the design process. The district administrators led internal processes to hear from staff across our schools. This engagement process shaped the content reflected in this plan and will serve as a strong foundation to work together to achieve the results we seek for our students.
A pivotal work accomplished through this planning process is our Future Ready Keys. It defines those attributes of a prepared student. It is now our work to develop these abilities in our students throughout their K-12 careers. With the critical engagement of parents and community, our educators are dedicated to providing quality teaching and learning experiences.
We appreciate the contributions from the devoted members of the District Leadership Team and the talented staff of the Caldwell School District. We look forward to the anticipated opportunities to collaborate, partner, and pursue improvements and innovations that result in schools of excellence and prepared graduates.
Committee Members:
Name Title Organization
Amy Rojas
Trustee CSD Board of Trustees
Leif Skyving
Trustee CSD Board of Trustees
Rachel Watson-Lamkins
Jackie Beardsley
Brenda Almarez
Beth and Brian Waltman
Connie and Tom Doan
Dr. Marvin Henberg
President College of Idaho
Will Fanning
Dean Professional Technical Education,
College of Western Idaho
Dr. Kathleen Robinson
Dean Treasure Valley Community College
Shannon Ozuna
Councilman City of Caldwell
Joe Martinez
Parent Caldwell High School Booster Club
Ali Almarez
Student Canyon Springs High School
Darrell Bolz
Representative Idaho Legislature
Kristel Stills
Omni Parker
Student Caldwell High School
Taylor Reeves
Student Caldwell High School
Joe Grover
Teacher President, Caldwell Education Association
Matt McMichael
Student Caldwell High School
Omar Gonzales
Student Caldwell High School
Katie Worwood
Student Caldwell High School
Benjamin Miller
Kathy Gomez
Dennis Zattiero
Gloria Betancourt
Human Resources Director CSD
Lucy Meredith
school secretary CSD
Moss Strong
Principal Jefferson Middle School
Melissa Langan
Principal Van Buren Elementary School
Anita Wilson
Principal Caldwell High School
Luci Asumendi
Assistant Superintendent CSD
Stephanie Carpenter
Director of Special Services CSD
Monica White
Principal Canyon Springs High School
Jodie Mills
Director of Curriculum and 
Instructional Services
Barbara Jensen
Director of Migrant and
LEP Programs
Caleb Shore
Coordinator of Information Technology CSD
David Burton
Abigail Lloyd
Parent Caldwell Chamber of Commerce
Dave Morris
Director Caldwell YMCA
Kathi O’Bannon
Parent Caldwell Foundation for
Educational Opportunity
Rob Reeves
Parent Caldwell High School Booster Club
Rob Jerome
Parent Caldwell High School Booster Club
Lisa Thompson
Director of Business Services CSD
Tim Rosandick
Superintendent CSD
Dr. Sally Anderson
Strategic Planning Facilitator
Planning Process:

The Caldwell School District Leadership Team shares a mutual purpose with the school district –doing what
is best for every student. This team advises the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees in their efforts to continuously improve the schools that serve students in the Caldwell community.

Attend meetings held for the Caldwell School District Leadership Team.
Represent the needs and expectations from the role group that you represent as well as your own.
Prepare for meetings through meeting memories and assignments between meetings.
Contribute to the design of a strategic direction and map to achieve it.
Participate in communicating the direction and supporting the district’s initiatives with your role group.
Participate in progress meetings that will be held 2-3 times per year.
Provide feedback throughout the planning and progress phases.
Come prepared to do your best thinking and share your talents.
Be willing to be ambassadors of the vision.
Volunteer to take key roles during the planning, implementing and celebrating phases!

Mission Input Making the Vision Operational
October 21, 2013
6:00-8:00 pm

Impact Trends Goals & KPI’s
December 2, 2013
6:00-8:00 pm

Feedback on Strategy
January 6, 2014
6:00-8:00 pm

Final review Implementation
February 3, 2014
6:00-8:00 pm

To Board for Decision
February 10, 2014
Strategic Plan Presented