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Superintendent's Message

I hope this first Superintendent Newsletter finds you and your families well. We are officially half way through the school year, and I wanted to update on you on the great things happening in the Caldwell School District.

As I visit schools and talk with students, teachers, administrators, and parents, I see our mission “to empower the whole child to achieve personal goals and strengthen our communities” brought to life in our classrooms and schools. Here are some examples:

Great choices for our students

This spring, high school students will be signing up for classes for the coming school year. Entering its 100th year history as an accredited high school, Caldwell High School provides opportunities and choices that address our students’ personal goals more than ever before. This includes:

  • 10 high-quality career pathways that allow students to earn industry certifications such as Certified Nursing Assistant while in high school;
  • More than 20 dual credit or Advanced Placement classes that allow students to earn college credits at no cost while in high school; and
  • CHS is the city’s only comprehensive high school with opportunities for involvement in sports, clubs, music, leadership, social activities and more.

We talk a lot about the college and career opportunities available to our students. We often forget, however, that CHS provides something bigger and more important: connection to community and tradition.  

Over and over at chamber meetings, community events, church, and out and about, I hear the tales of Cougar alums, including those of my husband and his friends. They speak with pride and fondness of the Caldwell tradition. We are fortunate that our community and school have preserved the small-town specialness that creates cherished memories of friendships, fun, and learning.

Innovation for learning

The path to graduation begins in the early years with a strong foundation. Caldwell School District and our community partners were frequently mentioned during the recent election season regarding our preschool program and the community collaboration we have developed. I was pleased to hear Caldwell praised as a district leading the way in Idaho to provide options for our youngest children.

As we learn, we continue to innovate, and here is an example: We’re changing our spring “Kindergarten Round-Up.” We are broadening this registration opportunity to include our preschool programs. Please mark your calendars now for May 10th at Canyon Springs High School from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

Please help us get the word out to parents of children ages 3 through Kindergarten!

Your levy dollars at work

I hope as you travel our community, you are seeing improvements being made to our school buildings. I would like to thank our community for their support of our plant facility levy. Some of the most visible improvements can be seen in our new playgrounds, gym floors, lawn care, camera systems and access control, and roofing projects. Other improvements are being made to HVAC, plumbing, and structural maintenance.

We promised that these funds would be used to infuse our aging schools with new life. The focus would be on safety first, then improving functionality, and finally, ensuring that all of our schools reflect the pride and dignity of our community.

Student information

A community member contacted us recently with questions about the privacy of student information and parent rights.

We protect our students’ information. You are welcome to review our local requirements and parent options which are found in policies #3575 and #3270 with more detail in a procedures document, #3270P. We release very little information about students without parent permission.

You can find these policies and more information on our website under district policies:

Here are links to state and federal laws:

I.C. § 33-133 Idaho Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act

34 C.F.R. 99 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

20 U.S.C. § 1232g Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Keeping you informed

In an effort to keep you better informed, I will be creating a monthly Superintendent’s Newsletter, much like this one.

We will also continue to publish a Board Report recapping the work of our Board of Trustees shortly after its monthly meeting. Look for this on our Facebook page and our website.

We are committed to keeping you and our community informed about the great things happening in our schools.

Thank you for choosing Caldwell!

Dr. N. Shalene French


Caldwell School District #132

Mission Statement:

“Our purpose is to...”

  • Empower the whole child to achieve personal goals and strengthen our communities.

Vision (Where we want to be in the future.)

Caldwell School District is a safe and supportive learning environment where all students graduate ready to pursue their personal, post high school goals as self-motivated, productive members of their community.

“We believe in....”

  • Making student centered decisions.
  • Acting with integrity.
  • Honoring the diversities within our district.
  • Building family and community partnerships.
  • Empowering our students to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Creating a caring, supportive learning environment where all students can grow academically, emotionally, and socially.


  • Our students will develop critical thinking skills.
  • Our students will be literate.
    • Our students will value themselves, others, and their community. Our students will learn the value of social interactions and build positive relationships.
  • Our students will learn in and contribute to safe and supportive schools.
  • We will respect the voices of students, families, and community in the educational process.