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District Policy

The Caldwell School District Board of Trustees adopts, revises and amends the policies that guide the public education of Caldwell students. All policies established by the Board of Trustees must be consistent with the laws covering public education in the State of Idaho and the United States and must follow guidelines established by the Idaho Legislature and State Board of Education.
As we go through this transition period for updating how our policies are accessed we have included this document to help navigate policy numbers and titles.






400 Statement of Guiding Principles
400.5 Reporting New Employees
401 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
401.1 Compliance with ADA Regarding Employees with Disabling Conditions
402 Criminal History Checks for Employees, Volunteers, and Contractors
402.5 Reporting of Criminal Offense
403 Employee Drug and Alcohol Use
403.1 Personnel Tobacco and E-Cigarette Prohibition
404 Employer Recommendations
404.5 Applicants: Information on Past Job Performances
405 General Personnel Regulations
406 Investigation and Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect
407 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
408 Jury Duty
411 Personnel Files
413 Political Activities
414 Sexual Harassment
415 Suspension of Certificated Professional Employee
418 Personnel Conflict of Interest
419 Employment of Relatives
420 Incident Reports: Duty of Employees
421 Communications by Personnel
422 Infection Control and Universal Precautions
424 Sick Leave
426 Employee Computer and Network Services
427 Staff Protection
428 Whistle Blower
429 Employee Volunteers
429.1 FLSA: Non-Exempt Employees and Overtime Requirements
430 Idaho State Veteran Employment Preference
430.5 Qualifications and Training Requirements Instructional Paraprofessionals
431 Military Leave
433 Political Activities within the School
435 Extra Curricular
437 Release of Students
440 Certificated Employee
441 Assignment and Transfer of Certified Employees
442 Code of Ethics for Certificated Employees
443 Evaluations of Certificated Employees
444 Employment Contracts with Certified Employees
445 Probation of Certificated Employees
446 Negotiated Agreement Terms
447 Recruitment of Certificated Employees
448 Reduction in Force Regarding Certificated Employees


504 Student Publications
505 Accidents and Illness
506 Student Harassment
506.5 Prohibition Against Harassment Intimidation and Bullying
507 Juvenile Sex Offenders
508 Foreign Students 
509 Student Dress Code
510 Student Handbooks
511 School Climate 
511-EX Annual Review Policy List 
512 Student Tobacco Use E-Cigarette Use Prohibition
514 Evacuation Drills
515 Minimum Class Load
516.5 Freedom of Speech and Expression
517 Grade Placement for Transfer Students 
519 Name/Gender Change 
524 Student Driving Privileges
538 Commission of Felonies on School Grounds 
539 Prohibition Against Cheating 
540 Maintenance of Orderly Conduct
541 Prohibition of Weapons 
541-AR Prohibition of Weapons - Administrative Regulations 
542 Searches by School Officials
543 Student Suspension
544 Student Expulsion and Denial of Enrollment
545 Disciplining Students with Disabilities (IDEA)
546 Disciplining Students with Disabilities (Section 504)
548 Theft or Destruction of School Property
549 Prohibition of Gang Activities
550 Assault and Battery
551 Student Drug and Alcohol Use
552 Hazing Prohibition
553 Restraint and Conclusion
554 Adolescent Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault
560 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
561 Administering Medications
562 Exclusions of Communicable Disease
563 Exclusions of Head Lice
564 Health Records and Emergency Care
565 Procedure for Implementation of Immunization Records
566 Student Suicidal Tendencies
567 Medical Consent Documents
569 School Wellness
570 Extra-Curricular Student Activities
571 Extra-Curricular and Interscholastic Activities
572 Eligibility and Participation in Interscholastic Activities
573 Athletic Activities Insurance
576 School Sponsored Activities and Field Trips
578 Participation of District Students in Clubs


601 Early Graduation
602 Homework
604 College/University Enrichment Program
605 Curriculum Standards Alignment and Assessment
607 Student Teachers and Interns
608.5 Awarding High School Credit for Courses Taken Before Ninth Grade
609 Middle School/Junior High School Credit
610 High School Graduation Requirements
610.2 High School Graduation: Alternate Plan for Demonstrating Proficiency
611 Scholarships
611.1 Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
613 Sex Education
614 Guest Speaker
615 Multimedia Use in the Classroom
616 Instructional Planning
618 Voluntary Correspondence and Online Courses
619 Selection of Student Speakers at Commencement - Caldwell High School
620 Participation in Commencement - Caldwell School District
621 Middle School Required Instruction
623 Promotion and Retention
624 Participation in Statewide Assessments
628 Dual Credit for Early Completers
629 8 in 6 Program
630 Dual Enrollment
632 Limited Open Enrollment
633 School Attendance Zones
635 Student Safety Measures
636 Public School Choice
637 Supplemental Educational Service
641 Citizenship, U.S. Constitution, National Flag and Colors
647 Communication Skills
648 Health/Wellness
652 Library Media Center Materials Selection
652-AR Materials Selection Removal Procedures for Library Media Centers
654 Selection of Primary Curriculum Material
658 Social Studies
660 Technology Use in the Classroom
661 Copyrighted Materials and Licensing
664 Workforce Skills
669 Special Education Services to Private School Students
670 Special Education (IDEA)
670.1 Special Education - Written Agreements
671 Response to Intervention (RTI)
672 Gifted/Talented Education
673 K-3 Reading Program Guidelines
674 English Language