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Our family just moved to Caldwell. Our 4th grader was identified as gifted in another school district and received special services. Will she still be eligible for services in the ALP Program?
If a GT student moves from another district to the Caldwell School District, she or he will be screened for eligibility in the gifted program. The previous school’s eligibility documentation will be reviewed and a determination will be made to see if further evaluation is necessary to meet the Caldwell School District’s ALP program eligibility.

My child consistently does well in school and even though I have asked previous teachers to refer him for the ALP program, nothing has happened. Can I refer my own child to the ALP program and how would he qualify?
Yes, you may refer your own child. There is a protocol for referring a child for gifted services. Students can be referred by a teacher, parent, guardian, administrator, or ALP coordinator. After the referral, to qualify for ALP, a student must: 1) rate within the 90%ile+ range on the STAR reading and math tests, and 2) score in the 90th%ile or greater in broad math or broad reading on the Woodcock Johnson, and 3) score at 80th%ile or greater on the psychologist administered IQ test.

Do students have to qualify for the ALP program every year?
Students must qualify only once and will maintain their Advanced Learning Program (ALP) status throughout their elementary years, unless parents request their child be removed from the program.

If you have specific questions, please contact the special education director or your child's school.

Advanced Learning Program (ALP) Coordinator: Gena Chaney -