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Digital Technology Integration and Innovation Support

Dr. Melyssa Ferro
Digital Integration and Innovation Specialist
Dr. Melyssa Ferro, the 2016 Idaho Teacher of the Year, is a middle science teacher, STEM coordinator, and advocate for the integration of educational technology in classrooms.
Essential Functions:
Resource Provider: To expand teachers’ use of a variety of resources to improve instruction.
Instructional Specialist: To align instruction with curriculum to meet the needs of all students.
Classroom Supporter: To increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction.
Learning Facilitator: To design collaborative, job-embedded, standards-based professional learning.
School Leader: To work collaboratively with the school’s formal leadership to design, implement, and assess school change initiatives to ensure alignment and focus on intended results.
Catalyst for Change: To create disequilibrium with the current state as an impetus to explore alternatives to current practice.
Learner: To model continuous learning, to keep current, and to be a thought leader in the school.