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Board Reports » July 2019

July 2019

July 8, 2019

Below is a summary of the Caldwell School District Board of Trustees July 8, 2019 meeting intended to provide information about board decisions in a timely manner. It is not the official record. The minutes, which are the official record of the meeting, are finalized the following month after approval by the Board.
The Board approved its agenda.

The Board approved the following items on its consent agenda.
Fee Hearing for Proposed Fee Increase for Non-Academic Activities for Non District Students. Chief Finance Officer April Burton reviewed information about an amended Dual Enrollment Policy 3030 that establishes fees for students not enrolled in the district to participate in extracurricular activities. It was noted that Idaho law mandates district’s provide dual enrollment for students living in its boundaries but attending non-district schools. The mandate is not funded. The hearing and fees were advertised twice in the newspaper as required by law. No patrons attended the hearing. The Board tabled the vote on enacting the fees to its Aug. 12 regular meeting.

Caldwell School District Employee Handbook - The Board approved the Handbook.
Maintenance Update - Maintenance & Facilities Director Bernie Carriera reviewed the progress of projects underway this summer throughout the district thanks to patron support of the district’s plant facilities levy including projects at the high schools, middle schools, Van Buren, Washington, and Sacajawea.

ISBA Resolution - Trustees discussed a potential resolution on charter schools.
Proposed -- The following policies are currently out for review with our committee and/or specific departments as needed:
1315 District Planning - Replacing 100/101/102
2360 Interscholastic Activities – Replacing 571
2550 Travel and Field Trips - Revisiting policy and forms
2550F2 Parent Permission for Student Participation in Off Campus School Sponsored Events
3015/Exhibits Home School – Replacing 502
3050 Attendance - Revisiting Section 1.5
3080 Nonresident Student Attendance - New
3100 Programs for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Students – Replacing 676
3225 Student Clubs: Equal Access - CHS is reviewing and will propose changes
3320 Substance and Alcohol Abuse – Replacing 551
3380 Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Participation – Replacing 571/572
3390 Extra and Co- Curricular Chemical Use – Replacing 571/572
3400 Extra-Curricular Activities Drug-Testing Program – Replacing 571/572
3520/Exhibits Contagious and Infectious Diseases - Replacing 401/560/562/563
3550 Removal of Student During School Hours - Replacing 437
3550P Removal of Student During School Day Procedure
4210 Community Use of School Facilities - Replacing 901
5220/Forms Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers - Replacing 441/459
5220P Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Employees Procedure
5330/Exhibits Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Usage - Replacing 426/490
8100 Transportation - Replacing 710
8110 Safety Busing - Replacing 710
8120 Bus Routes, Stops, and Non-Transportation Zones - Replacing 710
8130 Transportation of Students with Disabilities - New
8160 Contracting for Transportation Services – New
9910 Indoor Environmental Quality - NEW
First Reading -- The Board approved the following policies:

1300 Caldwell School District Policy - NEW
3285 Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response – Replacing 554
3305 Prohibition of Tobacco-Nicotine Possession and Use – Replacing 512
3310 Gang and Gang Activity – Replacing 549
4530 Crowdfunding – NEW
Second and Final Reading -- The Board approved the following policies:
7100 Budget and Program Planning – Replacing 810
7110 Budget Implementation and Execution – Replacing 810
7120 Budget Adjustments – Replacing 810
7200 Accounting System Design – NEW
7220 Documentation and Approval of Claims - NEW
7225 Financial Fraud and Theft Prevention - NEW
7230 Financial Reporting and Audits – Replacing 877/NEW
7300 Revenues - NEW
7305 Investment of Funds – Replacing 836
7410 Petty Cash Funds - NEW
7600 Declaration of Financial Emergency - NEW
7600P Declaration of Financial Emergency Procedure


Summer Leadership Institute, July 17, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Boise
Board Retreat July 22, @ Caldwell Industrial Airport, Hubler Terminal Meeting Room, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Back to School Registration – August 7, Caldwell High School,
9:00 am to 7:00 pm
All Sports Meeting – Wednesday, August 7 @ CHS Auditorium at 6 pm, free BBQ @ 7 pm
Back to School Registration – August 8, Middle Schools, 8 am to 6 pm
Back to School Registration – August 8 – Elementary Schools, 7 am to 6 pm
First Day of School - August 19