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Board Reports » February 2019

February 2019


Below is a summary of the Caldwell School District Board of Trustees Feb. 11, 2019 meeting intended to provide information about board decisions in a timely manner. It is not the official record. The minutes, which are the official record of the meeting, are finalized the following month after approval by the Board.




Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunities Outstanding Student Achievement Award — Lincoln Elementary School teachers Joe Grover and Mike Gallup shared a presentation about “Guys with Ties,” a school club that teaches fifth grade boys the importance of leadership, community, and academics. Several of the 23 fifth graders from the club addressed the school board.  Mr. Grover shared that this program is possible thanks to donors, including one from Florida who provides the ties each year, and to community leaders who meet with the students in monthly luncheons.


National History Day Finalists – The Board recognized three Caldwell High School students from the school’s recent competition. The top place winner was Joclynn Howell for her presentation on “The Great Fire of 1666 and Rebuilding London.” Other students recognized were Natalia Nelson for her presentation on “Ching Shih” and Anabelle Garcia for her presentation on “Jonestown.” These students, along with others, will advance to regionals and then possibly to the state competition in March.


CHS All-State Music Students –  The Board recognized 13 of the 15 orchestra, band, and choir students and their teacher Zach Groeblinghoff who participated in the All-State Music event held in Rexburg. The Caldwell students received quality instruction from professional musicians and  university professors. Trustees appreciate the exemplary way they represented Caldwell High School and the community of Caldwell.

4-H Agricultural Science Recognition – The Board recognized CHS’s student Ana Gonzalez, who will be traveling to Washington, D.C. for the 4-H National Youth Summit.


Superintendent Report

Superintendent French shared that Caldwell High School student Amy Cowling played for members of the Idaho Legislature House of Representatives today.  Amy was recognized by the Board and shared some details about the experience.

Dr. French reported that a committee will begin to work on the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school year calendars. She said the District is part of a Treasure Valley safety committee working to standardized approaches among the districts.


The Board approved its consent agenda with one change moving an item on field trips to later in the agenda.




Superintendent’s Evaluation – The Board accepted the annual evaluation of Dr. French.


Superintendent’s Contract – The Board voted to extended Dr. French’s contract for another year for a total of three years.  

Mosaic Charter School Petition – The Board received the petition to consider establishing a new charter school. The next steps in the process include a hearing on the petition and decision later by the Board about whether to accept the petition or forward it to the Idaho Charter School Commission. The school plans to open in August 2020 with 300 students in grades K-4 and would expand to serve 540 students in grades K-8 in five years. The Board asked the administration to review the petition and report back to the Board.


Call of Certain 2008B Bonds – The Board authorized paying off some bonds early, which will save district taxpayers $329,000 in interest costs.  


Incumbency Certificate – Related to the call of bonds, the Board authorized Dr. French and April Burton to answer questions from Bank of New York Mellon, the bond registrar.


Update on Plant Facilities Projects – The Board received an update on projects under way including plans to add a greenhouse at Caldwell High School.


Teacher Evaluation Update – First documented observation of teachers have been completed.

State Funding Formula Talking Points – Dr. French and trustees reviewed information about a proposed change to the state’s funding formula.

Property for sale -- Dr. French reviewed with trustees property that was offered to the district to consider. No decision was made.




After discussion, the Board accepted an item shifted from the Consent Agenda Field Trip(s) – CHS All State, Girls Wrestling, All NW Music



The following policies are currently out for review with our committee and/or specific departments as needed.

  • 1300 Caldwell School District Policy - Replacing 204/511
  • 1315 District Planning - Replacing 100/101/102
  • 2550 Travel and Field Trips - Revisiting policy and forms
  • 3050 Attendance - Revisiting Section 1.5
  • 3080 Nonresident Student Attendance - New
  • 3090 Foreign Exchange Student - Replacing 508
  • 3090P Foreign Exchange Student Procedure
  • 3225 Student Clubs: Equal Access - CHS is reviewing and will propose changes
  • 3520 and Exhibits Contagious and Infectious Diseases - Replacing 401/560/562/563
  • 3550 Removal of Student During School Hours - Replacing 437
  • 3550P Removal of Student During School Day Procedure  
  • 4140 Visitors to the Schools - Replacing 361/934/1014
  • 4420 and Exhibits Sex Offenders - Replacing 1013
  • 5110 Criminal History Background Checks - Replacing 402/402.5
  • 5220 and Forms Assignments, Reassignments, Transfers - Replacing 441/459
  • 5220P Assignment and Transfer of Certificated Employees Procedure
  • 5330 and Exhibits Employee Electronic Mail and On-Line Services Usage - Replacing 426/490
  • 8100 Transportation - Replacing 710
  • 8110 Safety Busing - Replacing 710
  • 8120 Bus Routes, Stops, and Non-Transportation Zones - Replacing 710
  • 8130 Transportation of Students with Disabilities - New
  • 8160 Contracting for Transportation Services - New


The Board approved the following policies for a first reading. Policies are not final until a second and final reading.

  • 1002 Caldwell School District Mission and Value - Replacing 100/101
  • 1004 Caldwell School District Continuous Improvement Plan - Replacing 102
  • 1230 Duties of the Treasurer - Replacing a portion of 216
  • 2620P Grading and Progress Reports - Procedures - Revision per request from Canyon Springs High School
  • 3030/Attachments Part-Time Attendance and Dual Enrollment - Replacing 630
  • 3280 Equal Education, Nondiscrimination, and Sex Equity - Replacing 290/682
  • 4410 Investigations and Arrests by Police Regarding Matters Unrelated to School - Revisions per request of our SROs
  • 7000 Goals - Financial Management - New
  • 7405 Public Works Contracting and Procurement - Replacing a portion of 850
  • 7420/Form Personal Reimbursements - New
  • 7500 New Fees or Increase of Fees - New
  • 9000 Goals - School Facilities - New
  • 9200 Contractor License, Surety Bonds and Insurance - Replacing 806


  • Parent Teacher Conferences, Feb. 11-15
  • Idaho School Boards Association’s Day on the Hill, Feb. 18-19, Boise
  • CHS Expo March 4, Caldwell High School Cafeteria


Work session Feb. 25