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Dress Code Review

This past year the Superintendent received a request to review the dress code. A committee of building administrators were brought together to begin this discussion. A small group of students were surveyed as well. After these preliminary meetings, all building administrators were invited to respond to the initial information and suggestions posed by the committee and the student group. At this time, a parent committee is reviewing and discussing the dress code policy, the initial information and suggestions posed by the students and administrators, and providing their input.

The work to review and discuss potential changes to the dress code are ongoing. With this in mind, it is important that you are aware that our dress code, Policy 509, has not changed. Policy 509 will continue to be upheld during the 2017-2018.

As we continue discussions about possible changes to the dress code, we will adhere to the Board’s directive that “It is the policy of this school district that students shall dress in a manner which is appropriate for an effective educational environment. The school is responsible for ensuring that student dress is conducive to a positive and respectful environment for all students. All students are required to dress in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy school environment, reflects a sensitivity and respect for others and is not disruptive of the educational climate and process.”

Dr. N. Shalene French
Caldwell School District #132